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Intuitive Paint and Plant Night

I'll be teaching intuitive paint sessions as we head into spring. To help us focus our insight, we will be utilizing the archetypes associated with a chosen major arcana card from the tarot. A group meditation will follow. Upon emerging from our meditation, we will begin exploring with various art materials like paint, charcoal, collage, glitter, or anything else you feel led to work with.

So far, I'm delighted with the individuality of the works that have been created. I'm also reminded about how beneficial centeredness and serenity can be before entering into a creative endeavor. There was a lot less fear of "doing it wrong" amongst the students. The beautiful plants all around us certainly help as well!

As our intuitive works dry, Alexa and Cylie with Sunshine Plant Co. will guide us in creating our own succulent terrarium to take home. I hope you can join us.

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