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Make a Wish Upon a Coin

I have two works exhibited throughout September for the Arts Cheyenne ArtHaus mobile gallery. My style of art fits perfectly within this month's theme: Plein Air. My style also fits in with another theme swirling around the ether today: Reclamation. I often work on reclaimed surfaces, like architectural salvage, so today provided a unique opportunity for my art to fit into a larger background: Finding beauty in the lost and forgotten.

Today, ArtHaus was parked at the dedication of the recently rehabilitated airport fountain via the efforts of the Historic Preservation Board. In addition to the grand reveal of the fountain, the old airport terminal and future home of the Arts and Aviation Center had an open house. The public was granted access not only to the beautiful fountain waters, but also to the one-of-a-kind architectural style and mid century modern terminal that has long sat vacant with a looming and uncertain future. Arts Cheyenne, Wyoming Aviation Heritage League, and other concerned groups have come together to save this historic space from the wrecking ball.

My art lives at the cross-section of recognizing beauty in the old and making new meaning of it. Hence, through a new appreciation, beauty is not lost.

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