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Astrology Podcast Appearance

Prompted by the 2023 Venus retrograde in Leo, The Denver Astrology Group met to discuss Venus retrograde stories. This group meets every second Sunday at The Mercury Cafe in downtown Denver. Chris Brennan, host of The Astrology Podcast, was there to document these stories in an effort to help students of astrology synthesize how the Venus Rx cycle manifests as lived experiences.

Attendees were given a worksheet ahead of time listing each Venus Rx cycle from the last 3 decades. There are 5 unique Venus Rx cycles, and each one occurs every 8 years. As I went down the list of each retrograde and began documenting notable events during those dates, certain patterns were clearly revealed. Each pattern linking elements of my life together, and presenting itself everytime Venus revisited, in retrograde form, that specific part of my natal chart.

The most outstanding pattern for me was the retrograde cycle in Leo, which happens to be my rising sign. If you are unfamiliar with what the rising sign means, it indicates how a person shows up in the world or orients their life direction. Needless to say, I was excited to share my story with the group. This was a fantastic gathering and I'm grateful to have been able to share.

Watch the episode here!

* Side Note:

The Mercury Cafe has been a hub for creatives in Denver since 1975. It was at "The Merc," in the early 2000s, where I first saw an astrology wheel. I was at a punk show with my sister and I asked her, "what is that painted on the side of the building?" To which she replied, "that's the birth chart of this place!" Little did I know that moment would plant the seed of curiosity that would one day become a devoted practice. A practice that I would be sharing with other astrologers in that same space and using my own birth chart 20 years later!

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