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Intro to Tarot Encore

On May 7th from 10:30-12 pm I'll be teaching an encore Introduction to Tarot Class at The Hawthorn Tree in Cheyenne:


"Join Maren Kallas for this 90-minute class that begins with a brief history lesson on the origins of the Tarot and how it came to be revived in the 20th century. We will then explore the basic organization of a common deck by delving into the concepts behind the Major and Minor Arcana. After this overview, each student will then discover and work with the cards assigned to them at birth according to their astrological sun, moon, and rising signs. This is a great introductory layout, as it introduces the student to making personal connections with the cards. We will also practice working with how the cards interact with each other—which is what we call a reading. By the end of this class, each student will feel more confident in continuing their personal journey with the Tarot. If you have a deck, please bring it with you or we will have some to use and/or purchase. Maren has been studying the tarot for 25 years and astrology for 9 years. Her passion and accuracy are amazing. Cost is $30. Please pre-register here on the events tab: "

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